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Thread: Hello.I am new here ,but I have a question about forum registration.

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    Red face Hello.I am new here ,but I have a question about forum registration.

    Notic that English is NOT my native language,some words may have some grammar issue.Sorry for that!But I'll try my best.
    As I try to login with SSO,I found my email cannot login.What happend ?
    Before I change to my google mail,I continued filed to login.But my Ubuntu One account is actually !Although may be used by a very small number of people,they could really using for daily.
    So,if I want to change my email address ,what should I do ?Thankyou!
    (Thank you for your patient.)
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    Re: Hello.I am new here ,but I have a question about forum registration.

    Moved to Resolution Centre where our Admin staff should be more able to help you.

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    Re: Hello.I am new here ,but I have a question about forum registration.

    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    I presume you have changed your preferred email in your Ubuntu One account back to your address by now. Now that you have an active forum account you can keep the forum account email address as the gmail one, if you wish. Once Ubuntu One and forum accounts are linked, you do not have to have the same email address in both accounts. Or, if you prefer to have your address as your forum account email, you can change that if you wish. I have now found and fixed the problem you encountered.

    If you wish to change your forum address, click on the "Settings" link at the top right of any page, and then on "Edit Email & Password" under "My Settings" in the list at the left. Ignore the password fields; non staff members do not need a forum password - your Ubuntu One password suffices for login. Simply type in the email address you prefer in the two email fields and then click on the save changes button. Please remember to re-activate your account from the verification email otherwise you will not be able to post.
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    If you need help with your forum account, such as SSO login issues, username changes, etc, the correct place to contact an admin is here. Please do not PM me about these matters unless you have been asked to - unsolicited PMs concerning forum accounts will be ignored.


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