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Thread: Looking for xrdp > 0.9.17

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    Looking for xrdp > 0.9.17

    I just installed a virtual U22 Jammy Jellyfish. I am trying to RDP into it and having issues. After researching, I feel I need a version of xrdp greater that the currently installed version of 0.9.17. I know at work we ran into something similar and they installed 0.9.22. I don't know where they got that version from. The Ubuntu repo only had v0.9.17. Anyone know where I can get 0.9.18 or greater?

    Thank you

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    Re: Looking for xrdp > 0.9.17

    Compile it yourself:
    Latest stable from upstream is v0.9.25 (2024/03/11)--

    The version that is in the Repo's that will be available for Noble LTS 24.04 in a little over a week is 0.9.24-4.

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