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Thread: SSSD and local user

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    SSSD and local user

    I encounter a problem when I want to connect with the local user WITHOUT the network connection.

    When the network comes back, no problem with local users and ldap (SSSD) users. The SSSD is configured and working.

    According to my research it's in /etc/pam.d in the " common-* " configuration files :

    • common-account
    • common-auth
    • common-password
    • common session

    Do you know where the blockage comes from?
    The behavior without the network in the login menu, when entering the password, is in vain.

    Here are my common-conf files:


    account [success=1 new_authtok_reqd=done default=ignore]
    account requisite
    account required
    account sufficient
    auth [success=2 default=ignore] nullok_secure
     auth [success=1 default=ignore] use_first_pass
     auth requisite
     auth required
     auth optional
    password requisite retry=3
     password [success=2 default=ignore] obscure use_authtok try_first_pass sha512
     password sufficient use_authtok
     password requisite
     password required
     password optional
    common session:
    session [default=1]
     session requisite
     session required
     session optional
     session required
     session optional
     session optional
     session optional
     session required skel=/etc/skel/umask=0077
    Thank you.
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