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Thread: UfW dont deny ip blocks

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    UfW dont deny ip blocks

    I have a webshop and for the moment it is the target for different spambots that create fake accounts. I can see on the ip address that they all come from a small number of well known abuse ip addresses. I block them in UFW but it seems that they are not blocked, because they concinue coming

    This is my ufw status

    80/tcp ALLOW Anywhere
    443 ALLOW Anywhere
    22/tcp ALLOW Anywhere
    10000 ALLOW Anywhere
    25 ALLOW Anywhere
    Anywhere DENY
    Anywhere DENY
    Anywhere DENY
    Anywhere DENY
    Anywhere DENY
    143,465,587,993/tcp ALLOW Anywhere
    Anywhere DENY

    What do I do wrong


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    Re: UfW dont deny ip blocks

    iptables and nftables parse the rules in order until they find a match, then do whatever that rule says. I assume that ufw does the same. So the higher rules in the list have higher precedence. In which case, any of those port numbers is allowed, and for those ports the DENY rule is never reached.
    Try putting all the more specific DENY entries above the more general ALLOW entries.


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