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Thread: 22.04.4 64-bit ARM - Unable to read partitions on external SSD

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    Unhappy 22.04.4 64-bit ARM - Unable to read partitions on external SSD

    Hello, I am not a linux expert at all... please be kind.

    I am running Ubuntu 64-bit ARM 22.04.4 Jammy within VMware Fusion 13 player on an M3 Macbook Air and I am having a bit of a strange issue.

    It is not handling external drives correctly. I have a 2tb nvme drive in a usb-c enclosure, it is partitioned into 2 partitions, 1 exFAT partition and 1 EXT4 partition. I know the drive is working correctly because the exfat partition is accessible on both my Mac host and my windows PC, and both partitions are accessible via desktop mode on my Steam Deck. However when I passthrough the usb device to the Ubuntu Arm VM I get really strange behavior... first it takes about 10 mins of doing absolutely nothing before finally showing the drive in the partition manager, however it lists both partitions as "unknown" and does not attempt to mount them. I have put links to screenshots of both the VM and the Steam Deck showing that the drive is working fine on the Deck but not in the VM. Please assist!

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    Re: 22.04.4 64-bit ARM - Unable to read partitions on external SSD

    What make and model is the USB NVMe enclosure? Just wondering of the controller in it is Linux friendly an how it is seen by Linux...

    Maybe the results of this posted within CODE Tags, from your Ubuntu VM with the enclosure's USB port passed through:
    lsusb -vvv
    Instead of formally passing it through in the VM config... What happens if you temporarily attach to it from the VMware Fusion's menu bar > navigate to "Virtual Machine -> Settings -> USB & Bluetooth"... Select the USB Enclosure to connect to it?

    Not sure. In some it is VM > Removable devices > USB device > Connect (Disconnect from host).

    I know with RASP Pi, which is ARM, it is not just being compatible with Linux, it is if the drivers are available for ARM Arch... So the list of NVMe USB enclosures taht are compatible is a smaller list. I had to shop around for mine.
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