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Thread: Correct instructions on adding a custom kernel

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    Correct instructions on adding a custom kernel

    I have some kernel debugging to start on for another piece of work. Ubuntu as a distro as been fighting me on this. I have the kernel configured and built. I am at the step of building the initramfs and will need Ubuntu specific steps for inclusion into GRUB.

    My primary requirement is that I must use a stock kernel branch. I'll distro-hop to Arch tomorrow if need be, but I'd like to avoid that extra effort.

    I have searched a few times and read over the following:

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    Re: Correct instructions on adding a custom kernel

    That is automatic when you use make install
    (or even if you're trying to install it as a .deb package and let apt manage your kernel, the same is true.)

    the initramfs is updated, and grub is updated, after the kernel is installed to /boot

    It's actually so rare for distributions to modify how grub works that I can only think of one. For debian/ubuntu they have the special update-grub command that is a shorthand for grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub and for arch linux you can install that command from the aur, with yay -s update-grub or manually.
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