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Thread: Looking for a downloader program for windows/ubuntu

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    Re: Looking for a downloader program for windows/ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by hyperlinxe View Post
    Dude nothing you just said made any sense to me at all. I am a windows user of ubuntu. I want to find a windows program for ubuntu. You clearly don't get what I'm talking about here. Don't you know the giant flashing advertisements on the internet, ya know the internet for people that use microsoft windows, with all those downloader programs to help people solve the problem of downloading and download speeds, and like they're made for windows, I'm looking for one of those that will work on Ubuntu.
    Linux is not Windows. You will be disappointed as long as you think it is.

    I've never seen that "advertisement, sorry." MS-Windows didn't have an IP stack in the early years. Windows networking was really bad, actually.

    wget and curl run on MS-Windows, BTW. They are clunky on that platform due to the terrible shell experience there. I do not know of any built-in queue manager for MS-Windows. There's a tool built-into all Linux called "batch". It is part of cron and at that are used on your Linux computer all the time to keep the OS running and handle maintenance jobs. I just prefer Task Spooler for handling my work queues. I've been trying to lead you to the pond to drink, but I cannot force it.

    If you want the MS-Windows experience, there's an entire OS that does it. A few people use it. I run it about once a week for a few minutes too handle 1 specific job that I don't have a better solution on Linux, yet. It runs a program from 2012 for me. I expect to keep using that program until I'm dead, worst case.

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    Re: Looking for a downloader program for windows/ubuntu

    It's pretty simple guys...

    Looking for a downloader program for windows/ubuntu

    I'll stick with firefox

    Why the hell would I use anything else? (there's no alternative)
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    Re: Looking for a downloader program for windows/ubuntu

    pls mark this as solved then
    God speed
    zorin lite

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