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Thread: steam on ubuntu 64 bit

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    Re: steam on ubuntu 64 bit

    Your frustrations are valid. The guy who said deb packages install on a default installation is not fully correct. You need to install something like GDebi Package Installer to properly install a local deb package properly and check for dependencies.

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    Re: steam on ubuntu 64 bit

    To install a .deb package without additional tools go to terminal, cd into the directory containint the deb and type this:

    sudo apt install ./mypackage.deb

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    Re: steam on ubuntu 64 bit

    The package states-

    Because Steam requires 32-bit libraries, before installing this package it

    will be necessary to run, as root:
    dpkg --add-architecture i386; apt update

    once that is done you can use - sudo apt install steam-launcher.

    Ive just done this and steam works fine im on 24.04 and playing world of warcraft through steam.

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