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Thread: Broadcom brcm4377b driver?

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    Broadcom brcm4377b driver?

    I have read a lot of threads about getting WiFi working on newer intel macbooks but I haven't found any with info on this specific driver. I have a 2019 macbook air with the brcm4377b wireless adapter. I installed ubuntu using the T2-Ubuntu iso. Trackpad, keyboard, etc. are all working. I chose to overwrite mac os though so I can't use the T2-Ubuntu method to get WiFi working. I have tried updating and installing brcml-kernel-source via apt but it doesn't seem to include a driver for this adapter. Any ideas on how I can get it working? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Broadcom brcm4377b driver?

    Not completely sure if this works as its been awhile but check this page if you haven’t already,

    Im thinking maybe note the b43 open source driver towards the bottom.

    Hope this helps
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