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Thread: Dell XPS 14 9440 Support

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    Re: Dell XPS 14 9440 Support

    Quote Originally Posted by dook123 View Post
    Yeah definitely not perfect, lots of issues with wake up, and unlocking after wakeup.
    I haven't had any issues with my Dell monitors and USB-C, but i have noticed that any dongle that has the 2 x USB-C ports won't fit this. Soooo infuriating.
    I loved my 2020 13" XPS, but this one just is not as good at all. Kind regret buying it tbh, and might sell to in place of something else
    so i'm not the only one having problems.
    me personally still not regretting it, because the performance is very good. when it runs it's super snappy. just has to get a little bit more stable (already stable enough for me for daily work). if they would just write and optimize the drivers upfront instead of having to wait for 6-8 month after release until the drivers get stable.
    hope the ARM chips get better linux support on release dates. then my next notebook in 3 years will be ARM based.

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    Post Re: Dell XPS 14 9440 Support

    Quote Originally Posted by mixer2 View Post
    @dook123 nice that you got audio working, thanks for the effort!
    what's a pitty is, that it requires a mainline kernel verison. hopefully it will at some point also just work with the ubuntu 24.04 kernel.

    regarding webcam it seems as also the 16" 2024 dell notebooks have the same issue:

    hopefully they'll fix it soon in the ipu6 drivers.
    Was anyone able to fix the camera issue? Does anyone have an update?
    I was able to fix the audio/mic issue with @dook123's solution, and that helped a lot!

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