Ubuntu 22.04.4, Wayland.

Intel Driver i915, model 4693
NVIDIA model GK208B[GeForce GT 730], UMD Version NVIDIA 470.199.02

I have five monitors plugged into these two graphics cards:
Two are plugged into the Intel card with HDMI connectors.
Three are plugged into the NVIDIA card: Two with DVI-D connectors, and one with a VGA connector.

Here is a summary of my problematic situation:

  • When I unplug the two monitors that use the intel graphics receptacles (two HDMI), the remaining three monitors using the nvidia graphics card (two DVID-D and one VGA) will allow me to use all the listed resolutions for each of those three monitors in the Ubuntu >> Settings >> Display screen.
  • However, when I plug those two monitors into the two intel graphics receptacles and keep the other three monitors plugged into the nvidia graphics card, then I get this situation:
    • Only one of the monitors plugged into the intel card (HDMI), and only one of the monitors plugged into the nvidia card (DVI-D) will allow me to selected all listed resolutions.
    • The other three monitors - one plugged into the intel card (HDMI), and two plugged into the nvidia card (VGA and DVID-D) - will refuse to use any resolution higher than 1024 X 768

I want all five monitors to allow all capable resolutions when all five monitors are plugged in.

Why am I having this problem? How do I fix this?