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Thread: Ethernet not connecting

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    Ethernet not connecting

    I'm trying to install arch linux on my machine. My PC is connected with the ethernet but when I'm trying to do ping or whenever I'm trying to access the internet, it just doesn't work. Almost as if the ethernet is just connected to the machine but it is not using any internet. This has been the case with popOS, Ubuntu and other distros too.

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    Re: Ethernet not connecting

    Thread moved to the "Arch and derivatives" forum.

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    Re: Ethernet not connecting

    Hi and welcome to the forum

    Since this is happening regardless of your OS, it sounds like possibly a physical hardware/wire problem, or potentially your computer is not receiving an IP, it could be other things as well. A few things you could try:

    - Do you have another ethernet cable you can try?
    - Check if your computer is getting an IP from your router. ip a
    - If no IP, check if your router's DHCP server is turned on. One of the first things I do after installing an OS that has a wired connection is assign a static IP address. Either way, you should have an IP for your computer right now.
    - Can you ping the gateway?
    - Is the router allowing outbound traffic?
    - Do you have a firewall on this computer that is disallowing outbound traffic? This is more relevant if you have been tweaking firewall settings.
    - It could be a bad ethernet port on your computer. Do you have another computer/laptop you could plug in and see if it works from there on your network?
    - Was it working before and now it's not, or has it never worked?
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    Re: Ethernet not connecting

    If you've never set up your ethernet connection with Linux before, do this via the konsole:

    nmcli con edit type pppoe con-name "any name you want and include these quotes" PRESS ENTER

    set pppoe.username yourofficialdialuploginusernamewithoutquotes PRESS ENTER


    Confirm yes to save


    Then your internet connection will try to connect maybe 5 or 6 times (if not manually press connect) and each time a window will ask you for your (dialup) password.

    Enter your dialup password for each of these windows until the system connects.

    It always works for me. I usually follow this YouTube video: /watch?v=9efzfmXDEFI


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