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Thread: Certain applications/games doesnt use my GPU

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    Certain applications/games doesnt use my GPU

    My specs
    # System Details Report

    ## Report details
    - **Date generated:** 2024-03-02 01:17:47

    ## Hardware Information:
    - **Hardware Model:** BIOSTAR Group A960D+V3
    - **Memory:** 16.0 GiB
    - **Processor:** AMD FX™-6300 × 6
    - **Graphics:** NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    - **Disk Capacity:** 1.3 TB

    ## Software Information:
    - **Firmware Version:** 080015
    - **OS Name:** Ubuntu 23.10
    - **OS Build:** (null)
    - **OS Type:** 64-bit
    - **GNOME Version:** 45.2
    - **Windowing System:** X11
    - **Kernel Version:** Linux 6.5.0-21-generic
    Whats my problem: Games using my CPU as rendering instead of GPU
    I just started using linux and my friend recomended ubuntu for start.

    ive checked bottleneck calculator, got result with 0% bottleneck with 1080p, intense graphics card tasks (link for calcs results)
    ive tried research, nothing helped.

    Ive tried installing couple of games from my steam, didnt go well.
    Example of what i mean:

    (Team Fortress 2 with top-left fps counter placed, low fps, no GPU Usage in NVIDIA Settings window.)

    Below is my listing of apps that doesnt offend my gpu.
    - Team Fortress 2
    - Terraria
    - Lethal Company
    - Blender
    - Roblox Studio

    Below is my listing of apps that does offend my gpu.
    List of apps that uses my gpu:
    - Brave (Browser)
    - Discord

    above is applications/games ive tried.

    Below is my listing of benchmarks that does using gpu
    -GLX-Gear (limited to refresh rate)
    -GL Mark 2 (100% gpu usage, 5636 score)

    above is benchmarks ive tried.
    My point that its useless to play on ubuntu for me right now since my gpu useless
    (Sorry for bad english, its isnt my first language)
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