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Thread: Microphone and camera not working on Dell precision 5480

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    Microphone and camera not working on Dell precision 5480

    Hi, I'm running ubuntu 22.04 on a Dell precision 5480, and out of the box the microphone is not working (I have a “sof-soundwire SoundWire microhones” showing up in pavucontrol, but it does not detect any sound). Also the camera does not seem to be recognized (tried with cheese and zoom-desktop). The installation was carried by an IT service so I'm not sure whether they just installed the standard ubuntu image or added some tweaks. If I understand correctly from other threads, there are repositories that include OEM-specific drivers? But I really don't get what I should install, any help appreciated!

    Result of system-info:
    (also I'm running i3, not sure whether this can change anything, but I tried login in a gnome session and had the same problem)
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