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Thread: Setting fixed IP address on Ubuntu Server VM (ESXi)

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    Setting fixed IP address on Ubuntu Server VM (ESXi)

    I have an Ubuntu server 22.04 and have installed the GUI. I need to set the IP address to a different subnet, IP and static. Unfortunately when I use Settings->Network there is no place to set IP:

    How does one set networking options on Ubuntu Server 22.04 in a virtual machine environment?

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    Re: Setting fixed IP address on Ubuntu Server VM (ESXi)

    /etc/netplan/config files.

    Documentation is at Netplan has been how Ubuntu Server networking is setup since 20.04 with a few prior releases having early attempts.
    There are 50 example netplan files both in these forums and at that website. Be certain to learn the commands to have the config file(s) processed and applied. Just changing the configs doesn't do anything.

    There's nothing special between VM and non-VM Server network configuration.

    If you need a desktop, then you really should install a desktop.


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