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Thread: is it possible to boot to terminal?

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    is it possible to boot to terminal?

    I have been using Zorin and I have a display contrast problem when waking up from sleep. I posted a request for help on the Zorin forums and someone suggested I edit grub...

    I followed their suggestion but the result that the screen display is completely broken and I cannot get back to terminal to reverse the change I made. If I boot and hiot escape I cqn ghet to the grub menue but I can't seem to get to terminal from there.

    I have posted some screen shots there on this link:-

    I would be grateful of any suggestions on how to fix without having to completely re-install.

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    Re: is it possible to boot to terminal?

    Thread moved to the "Ubuntu/Debian BASED" forum.

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    Re: is it possible to boot to terminal?

    Hello paul-reading; Welcome to the Forums
    One simple way (of many) to activate a terminal:
    Boot to grub's menu and here choose "advanced" > recovery >> root console.

    my bit to try and help
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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