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Thread: Bluetooth won't show all devices, just partial list.

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    Question Bluetooth won't show all devices, just partial list.

    I have a weird problem that has been hard to research or find the solution.

    I'm on Ubuntu 22.04.4, and I have to stay on this version, my laptop has the infamous MT7921 wireless chip, but wifi is working fine, my problem is with the bluetooth.

    When I try to find bluetooth devices, it shows a very small list of devices (TV's, Android TV, Macbook), and won't find my mouse and keyboard at all. While doing the bluetooth search on the same laptop on Windows 11 or Kubuntu 23.10 the search works flawlessly.

    I tried a bunch of random tutorials and nothing worked, eventually I ended up accidentally uninstalling the main kernel, so I decided to look for help.

    Thank you.


    Latest updates fixed the problem without any input from me.
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