Information: Using Ubuntu version 22.04.2 LTS

Hello, sorry if this thread is posted in the wrong category... I'm quite new to Ubuntu, that's why I'm asking for some help.

On windows, I can run many games on a smooth FPS, around 60-800. On Ubuntu, Linux; I get a around 1-9 FPS on many games I can easily run on windows. I checked and did a lot of research to see if it was a problem with ubuntu, or the version I am using.... It turns out, I have a problem with my GPU drivers.

I am using the graphics card NVIDIA GFORCE 770M, and I've asked a few people for some help, but they can't help me... For some reason, I have a problem with my GPU drivers on ubuntu and I've tried many things to try and get it working.

All I am asking for is someone who is willing to provide me with a few steps which can hopefully fix my problem, and then I will be able to run games smoothly and then they will be actually playable.