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Thread: Laptop battery drains very fast in ubuntu 23.10, why?

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    Laptop battery drains very fast in ubuntu 23.10, why?

    Hello, i have thinkpad t14 gen 3 which is supposedly ubuntu certified. I uninstalled windows 11 that came with it and i decided to install ubuntu 23.10. however, i noticed that battery life drains much faster when using ubuntu (like 1% for every 2 minutes while i was just browsing using firefox).

    I tried to figure out the issue but couldnt find it. Then, i decided to install linux mint debian edition (lmde 6 faye) and suddenly i am able to get much better battery life. I even installed windows 11 again (tripple boot with ubuntu and lmde 6) and i can confirm that i have about the same battery life between windows 11 and lmde 6.

    So, why i cant get the same amount of battery life with ubuntu? In the beginning i thought it was linux driver issues, but then, i could get a much better battery life with lmde 6 which is also debian like ubuntu.

    Btw i use the AMD version of thinkpad t14
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    Re: Laptop battery drains very fast in ubuntu 23.10, why?

    The simple answer is that gnome desktop is a lot heavier than mint's cinnamon one and relies heavily on 3d effects which leads to using more power.

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