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Thread: Error cd: /etc/mail/authinfo: Permission denied

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    Error cd: /etc/mail/authinfo: Permission denied

    I need to install Sendmail on Ubuntu 22.04.3 server
    I type
    sudo mkdir /etc/mail/authinfo
    sudo chmod -R 700 /etc/mail/authinfo
    cd /etc/mail/authinfo
    but I get the error
    -bash: cd: /etc/mail/authinfo: Permission denied

    Where am I wrong?

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    Re: Error cd: /etc/mail/authinfo: Permission denied

    File permissions.

    Learn Unix file and directory permissions. Find a tutorial. Work through it. Usually this takes 15 minutes, but you'll need another 30-45 minutes of self-testing ideas before the permissions will "click" and you finally understand what works and what doesn't.

    When you are testing your skills, open 3 terminals, create 3 test userids, put 2 into the same group, but leave the other outside that group. Mix and match test directories and files inside those directories. Try every octal permission setting with all three users, and both the inclusive and exclusive groups. Start with 000 and add a binary 1 until you reach 777 permissions. After each change, see which user(s) can and cannot access the files, directories, and which can edit, delete, create files.

    You'll want/need to learn about umask settings too.

    Helpful commands for this task: touch, chmod, chgrp, chown, mkdir, rm, cp, less, and whatever editor you like most.


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