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Thread: Not-so-spesific-feedback-to-developers-overall-etc.

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    Hiya and greetings from Finland! So, this thread was created to give voice to "random" notices, without appropriate technical description but maybe somehow useful to the devs.

    So, my story with the linux gors about 5 years ago and then it was so buggy and I didnt want to learn new language (I raised myself with tricks of qbasic on our school computer windows and text adventure simple graphics etc.) so I disagreed, even I did regognize the opportunity and the value of new operating system.

    So, now when I just couple months ago installed Ubuntu: I was very positively surprise, when found at least 50% RAM was saved since: I made my own computer 16yo and firstly study the windows xp and the disable firewall etc. to raise FPS in CS. So, I didnt learn "coding" in school, but it was a demand to make my "career". Anyways, nowadays I work with couple of ex senior engineers on Nokia with a corporation and why not, as they tell me the inventor: they can fix up a phone with components.

    So, as I personally suspect: this has been a long way of business with processor manyfactorers also, they make code of backways and then sell em to the highest. Anyways, if we could also make the components personally: why not also make new "whatsapp" meaning we dont have server between, but the messenger has been integrated on the phone on the devices having information change, are both servers to each others. So this goes creepy that is internets would be disabled somehow, we make radios connected to the old 64kb modems, make new protocols etc. and then we can run internet at least locally with antennas, with battery power, right?

    So how about we just share here some ideas and not to be so spesific so this can be also a dump thread for all those comments, that are offtopic etc. but might have value. Cheers.

    - Futu

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    Re: Not-so-spesific-feedback-to-developers-overall-etc.

    No Devs are on these forums. But it is fine to vent, if you like.

    whatsapp is proprietary. check out matrix, which has encrypted chat, voice, video, between all parties. You can run your own matrix server or use someone else's. It is federated like email servers are.

    As for local-to-local communictions, those exist as mesh networks on cell phones. they are used in places that don't/didn't have cell service and in places there centralized networks are owned or monitored by the govt. These exist already.

    It is great that you are excited about Linux and Unix, but most things that are good ideas have already been created and deployed. Alas, getting non-technical people to learn about them, much less, install any of them onto their systems when no budget for advertising exists, is a hard thing to accomplish.

    The reason WhatsApp became popular was because it was pre-installed on all the phones and many people already had an account. Getting people to create yet-another-account is a hard thing to achieve. I avoid it, but even so, I must have about 400 different accounts.

    Linux overhead comes mainly from the GUI. The firewall is already there as part of the kernel. If you don't create any rules or keep your rules simple, there's next to zero overhead. MS-Windows networking isn't like Unix networking. A process on MS-Windows is very heavy. A process on Unix-like systems are pretty light.

    "Coding" is pretty generic. Without specific languages, claimed expertise is always suspect. For example, I earned a living "coding" for about 20 yrs before being pushed in architect roles. But that doesn't make me know qbasic or python or javascript. It does make me want to avoid certain languages due to the poor quality of the underlying language, however.


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