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Thread: Ubuntu LoCO Austin Texas Meetup?

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    Ubuntu LoCO Austin Texas Meetup?

    Hello, I fell in love with Ubuntu again and looking to connect to like minded people in Austin Texas.
    Let me know if anyone in Austin or surrounding areas see this, so that we can plan for a meet up.
    Hem Ramachandran

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    Re: Ubuntu LoCO Austin Texas Meetup?

    Don't limit your search to just Ubuntu. Look for "Linux" or "LUG".

    cough - 5 seconds of web search found that. ---- not to be confused with <---- Atlanta

    BTW, ALE (Atlanta) has virtual LUG meetings every Sunday. All are welcome. I used to live off Wm Cannon Blvd.
    ACC and UT will probably have LUGs as well. Most of these should be open to all, not just students, though navigating UT buildings and parking can be hard if you aren't familiar with the rules and area.

    Anyway, whether any of the Austin LUGs are active is the next question. I know ALE (Atlanta) is.


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