I have set my wife up a qemu vm running ubuntu mate on which I have installed Zoom for her. On her ubuntu 22.4 host (this could be confusing in that both the host and the vm are ubuntu mate 22.04) I have a script that runs a bash sh file that launches the vm, which in turn auto starts Zoom. The bash sh file on the host looks like:

export LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI="qemu:///system"
/usr/bin/virsh start ubuntuvm
/usr/bin/virt-viewer -f -w -a ubuntuvm
Currently this works as I would like - the script launches a full screen Zoom screen for her. My Desktop does not have a webcam and I have just installed one and it works OK. My issue is that by launching vm this way I am not redirecting the relevant host usb port so the vm does not see the webcam. In virtual manager I can see that the webcam usb port is called USB C270 HD WEBCAM [046d:0825] at 1-3 - I was just wondering if there is some magic that can be added to my bash sh file that would auto connect/redirect this usb port? This is not a show stopper in that my wife could redirect manually, but if possible, I would like it all to be auto if possible.