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Thread: Many problems with Acer Aspire

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    Many problems with Acer Aspire

    Hello Dudes,

    I am not an expericed user of ubuntu/lubuntu, but have been using the systems in non-primary notebooks for some years now. Just decided it was a good idea to stop using old computers to run linux and bought a new Acer Aspire to run it more smoothly. After formatting however, many problems surfaced:

    1. Ubuntu failed to recognize wifi, after a lot of trial and error and upgrading via usb to latest kernel available, wifi was working properly. However, bluetooth, sound card and touchpad did now work at all.

    2. Could install Oracle Virtualbox, but a strange error kept me from running any virtual system at all. After few weeks trying to solve the problem, had to give up ubuntu and start trying other distros as Virtualbox is very important to me.

    3. Pop OS 22.04 (kernel 6.6.10-76060610-generic) was the best try. It did recognize wifi and allowed proper system virtualization with virtualbox, but problems with bluetooth, sound card and touchpad remain unsolved.

    All system/hardware info of my system cand be seen in the link below. As a nonhard linux user, I completely fail to understand how to make my hardware work properly. If someone can help me out it would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Many problems with Acer Aspire

    Since not Ubuntu, moved to Other OS sub-forum.

    Very new systems typically need the newest kernel, drivers that are only available in the very newest distribution.
    Some may not be immediately available.

    If willing to experiment, you can try Ubuntu 24.04, but it will not be released until April and is still getting updates.
    Does live installer of 22.04.3, 23.10 or even 24.04 work in live mode? Virtual box may be isolating some new features.
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    Re: Many problems with Acer Aspire

    thanks for the ideas oldfred
    will try that as soon as i can.


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