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I have now moved the thread to Apple Hardware Users which as suggested is much more appropriate and a better fit for this query.
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Not to worry. You came to the right place. There are real experts that dwell in Ubuntu forums. They are patient, friendly, and very helpful. I have learned a great deal by just reading the issues and responses in these forums.
Welcome to the forums.
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No worries. Moving this thread to the Apple HW sub-forum isn't something you can do.

Now that MAFoElffen is in this thread, you'll get better help. I suspect there are many Mac experts, but as I never read the Apple subforum here, I don't recognize any names.

Thank you very much guys!
Someone reffered me to this great article, and it solved the problem (or at least enabled me to turn off auto restart): https://williamlam.com/2013/02/enabl...r-failure.html
There are 2 options:
1. Boot into recovery (cmd + R) then open terminal and type: pmset autorestart 0 (1 is on).
2. Inside Ubuntu, open terminal and sign into root (sudo su -) then type: setpci -s 0:1f.0 0xa4.b=1 (there's another link in there for more information on this one).
It is still interesting why it autorestarted when the computer was initially turned off so I'll keep reading about it.