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Thread: disabling everything local?

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    Re: disabling everything local?

    There are two ways of subscribing to threads. The first is by means of your profile settings - Settings -> General Settings -> Default Thread Subscription mode. That setting is how you auto subscribe to any thread you post to. That was the setting I checked in your profile yesterday.

    The second is accessible from thread tools and is what you show in your screenshot. With that you can subscribe to any thread whether or not you have posted to it.


    1 - you weren't getting email notifications,
    2 - your profile automatic thread subscription mode is set to "Do not subscribe",
    3 - your screenshot shows that you are subscribed to this thread,

    I can infer that some time in the past you manually subscribed to this thread by using the thread tools dropdown, and that you chose notification type = "Through my control panel only", and not one of the email notification choices.

    Click on the "settings" link top right of any page. If you have any unread posts in any thread that you are subscribed to by means of "control panel only" they will be listed there. If you want to change the subscription in this thread to an email notification, you would need to unsubscribe and then subscribe again by means of thread tools, but this time choosing one of the email notifications.
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