Hi Team! Please advice, I have an error during mail delivery. It sounds like:
2024-02-11 01:29:34 1rYvqo-0005aD-R9 <= noreply@xxxxx.com H=ip-172-31-11-133.ec2.internal (xxxxx.com) [] P=esmtp S=1641 id=65c7f8cec736d1.84046221@xxxxx
.com T="Confirmation link for creating your account."
2024-02-11 01:29:35 1rYvqo-0005aD-R9 H=gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com [] TLS error on connection (recv): The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
2024-02-11 01:29:35 1rYvqo-0005aD-R9 => xxxxx@gmail.com R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp H=gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com [] TFO X=TLS1.3:ECDHE_X25519__ECDSA_SECP256R1_SHA256__AE
S_256_GCM:256 CV=yes DN="CN=mx.google.com" K C="250 2.0.0 OK h9-20020a05620a244900b00785b23274f0si2863584qkn.47 - gsmtp"
2024-02-11 01:29:35 1rYvqo-0005aD-R9 Completed
I'm using a proper certificate for TLS. But there's no idea why this error comes up, mainly on gmail transactions.

My exim was installed form official Ubuntu 22.04 repositories.
Exim version 4.95 #2 built 11-Jan-2024 13:16:58
Copyright (c) University of Cambridge, 1995 - 2018
(c) The Exim Maintainers and contributors in ACKNOWLEDGMENTS file, 2007 - 2020
Berkeley DB: Berkeley DB 5.3.28: (September 9, 2013)
Support for: crypteq iconv() IPv6 PAM Perl Expand_dlfunc GnuTLS TLS_resume move_frozen_messages Content_Scanning DANE DKIM DNSSEC Event I18N OCSP PIPE_CONNECT PRDR PROXY Experimental_Queue_Ramp SOCKS SRS TCP_Fast_Open
Lookups (built-in): lsearch wildlsearch nwildlsearch iplsearch cdb dbm dbmjz dbmnz dnsdb dsearch ldap ldapdn ldapm mysql nis nis0 passwd pgsql sqlite
Authenticators: cram_md5 cyrus_sasl dovecot external plaintext spa tls
Routers: accept dnslookup ipliteral iplookup manualroute queryprogram redirect
Transports: appendfile/maildir/mailstore/mbx autoreply lmtp pipe smtp
Malware: f-protd f-prot6d drweb fsecure sophie clamd avast sock cmdline
Fixed never_users: 0
Configure owner: 0:0
Size of off_t: 8
Configuration file search path is /etc/exim4/exim4.conf:/var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated
Configuration file is /var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated