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Thread: Reinstall Firefox, problem removing

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    Reinstall Firefox, problem removing

    Firefox was running way to slow and I wanted to remove and reinstall a fresh version. So I uninstalled, but Ubuntu Software Center thinks I still have Firefox installed. I think the uninstall failed because a Firefox window was open when I ran uninstall. This was a snap. I think that I had an apt version at one point. Right now when I type firefox into the command line I get " 'firefox' not found, but can be installed with ... ".

    In Ubuntu Software Center, it provides me with the option to uninstall Firefox, but then I get "Unable to remove Firefox: cannot perform the following tasks" but no tasks are listed. That means I can't uninstall Firefox in the Software Center.

    What's the best way to get a new fresh Firefox which doesn't have the add ons I had on it?

    Maybe a fresh install that's a Snap will be the best way to go.

    $ sudo snap remove firefox
    Remove data for snap "firefox" (3728) /error: cannot perform the following tasks:
    - Remove data for snap "firefox" (3728) (unlinkat /home/tom/snap/firefox/common/.cache/mozilla/firefox/as47zdt9.default/startupCache: directory not empty)

    So I manually removed that Firefox directory.

    I tried to install the snap in the command line. That didn't work.
    $ sudo snap install firefox
    [sudo] password for tom:
    snap "firefox" is already installed, see 'snap help refresh'
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    Re: Reinstall Firefox, problem removing

    If you want to try various profiles (one profile without extensions another with a collection of extensions) you can startup firefox by command line and choose different profiles.

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