I saw this in another topic this morning...
I have this old PC...
I figured the OP must have been to referring to a PC about 10 or so years old. I read a few more posts further down where the OP finally referred to his motherboard model, ASrock H51DM.
I looked up the specs; the first thing I saw was "Supports 10th and 11th generation Intel Core processors" and "Has two DDR4 DIMM slots."
Thought to myself, "That is definitely not old, recent, but not old." New motherboards are currently being sold still have DDR4 slots.

I believe we have had this discussion before, but what is considered to be old these days?
Is it merely a personal perspective?
Many of us have been around computers and operating systems for many years (decades) while younger people (our great-grandchildren) for one, maybe two cycles of CPU/DDR? advances.

Maybe it is only the rants of an old man who occasionally feels the urge to say something.

FWIW, it is still cold in south central Pennsylvania; although, not as cold as a few days ago.