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Thread: Find the default library paths and default headers include paths

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    Find the default library paths and default headers include paths

    I'm on an Ubuntu 22.04 system and I'm working with C language and libraries.

    I know ( from different books, included "The Linux Programming Interface" by Kerrisk ) that this algorithm is used when looking for runtime shared libraries locations ( I just omitted the preloaded libraries for the sake of simplicity ) :

    When RUNPATH field is specified (i.e. DT_RUNPATH is non-empty)

    2 ) runpath (DT_RUNPATH field)
    3 )
    4 ) default library paths (/lib and /usr/lib)

    In the absence of RUNPATH (i.e. DT_RUNPATH is empty string)

    1 ) RPATH
    3 )
    4 ) default library paths (/lib and /usr/lib)

    The problem is that most books say that generally speaking the default library paths are /lib and /usr/lib but they don't mention HOW I CAN GET THE EXACT DEFAULT LIBRARY PATHS FOR MY SYSTEM. What command can I use on my Ubuntu 22.04 system ?

    What about the default headers include paths ? What command can I use the get them ?

    And finally what is the specific algorithm used in my ubuntu system when dealing with "headers.h" vs <headers.h> ?

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    Re: Find the default library paths and default headers include paths

    Another duplicate. @luca-ub-1993, please do not post duplicates in different parts of the forum - you posted three identical posts altogether. This is not good netiquette, it dilutes community effort and causes confusion.

    Thread closed. The still open thread is here:
    Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop Guide - Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop Guide - Forum Guide to BBCode - Using BBCode code tags

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