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Thread: Headset not working on iMac 27 2013

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    Headset not working on iMac 27 2013

    I recently installed 22.04 on an iMac 27 mid 2011 and was so impressed by it that I decided to give it to my son who had an aging laptop. Everything works fine on it AFAIK, including the headsets when plugged in.

    Based on that positive experience, I decided to look for an iMac 27 for myself (my old 2009 DellDesktop is way past it's due date) and I got a slightly more recent one. It's a 2013 i7 that I upgraded to 32Gb of RAM while at it. It runs like a charm and will soon kick the old Dell away.

    But, I cannot get the wired headset through the jack in the back to work. It works fine when I boot MacOS, but is not recognized at all on ubuntu. I also managed to get bluetooth headsets to work, buty no luck with the plugged in headsets.

    I looked at alsamixer, added:

    PHP Code:
    options snd-hda-intel model=imac27 position_fix=
    to the alsa-base-conf

    But I still cannot get it to work.

    What am I missing here ?

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    Re: Headset not working on iMac 27 2013

    So I'm not sure what fixed it, but after installing Ubuntu Studio and adding options snd-hda-intel model=imac27_122 to the ​ alsa-base-conf it now works fine.

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