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Thread: username change request

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    username change request


    with an active Ubuntu One account I signed in on the Forums, and there I received a second username "paddyf2", not "paddyf" as expected. I was convinced I read and understood all available sticky postings. I am sorry. Could it be caused by a previous account merge of launchpad and ubuntu one?

    Could you please merge the forums and ubuntu one username so that I have "paddyf" everywhere?

    my preference is: 1. paddyf
    2. pfrank
    3. neo1975

    Thank you

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    Re: username change request

    Hello. It's a bit hard to find I admit, but one of the stickies does explain that your forums username will be appended with a number if the expected username is already in use, and this was the case here. However, the person who registered the paddyf name previously did so about 14 years ago, posted once, logged out after a grand total of about 40 minutes, and has not been seen or heard of since. This hardly meets our criteria for retaining a username, so I've released the name from that account and renamed yours to paddyf.

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