If the cash price and the credit prices are different with cash being lower, then I'm all for that. Only people actually involved in the surcharge should be paying it. In a few states it is illegal to charge more for credit vs cash ... so everyone paying cash is being screwed.

I look for places with different pricing for cash and strive to visit them. Of course, if you only carry a credit card (and don't mind every purchase being tracked), you are free to spend your money where you like. Walk-in places that FORCE the use of a credit card cannot be allowed. That is discriminatory. The restaurants/groceries that only accept cards like we've all seen in NYC and some west coast places should be forced to accept cash.

Just because someone else doesn't think their privacy is important, than doesn't mean everyone feels that way. Oppressive govts love cashless mandates. What shocks me is that a few northern European countries are headed the same way. They don't realize what they are giving up. Also, when the power/internet is out, how do you buy food? People in Florida know that happens once every few years in their location. Sometimes, only cash can be used.