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Thread: Bottom panel full of windows after restoring a chrome session

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    Bottom panel full of windows after restoring a chrome session

    I use gnome flashback flavor of gnome window manager on a ubuntu 22.04.
    I have multiple desktops.

    When restoring a chrome session, the repartition of the windows is correct on the different desktops, however the bottom panel that should only display window for the current desktop, displays all the windows of all the desktops making the bottom panel useless.
    See the result for the bottom panel in the image :

    I quite understand that such a thing happens when an application open a window, until it has been clicked (open) by the user, it appears on all desktops making it easy for the user to see that a window was open.
    However if too much windows open, the bottom panel became useless and it is even impossible to tell which windows are the one that were opened by the program.

    In the case of chrome, especially when restoring a session, I would like to get rid of that behaviour.
    One possibility would be to disable that behaviour globally while restoring the chrome session, then re-enabling it globally if possible.

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