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Thread: Ledger Live

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    Ledger Live

    I'm trying to install the software for Ledger Live Bitcoin wallet on my laptop. It has Ubuntu 22.04 on. It says it can't open it once installed.

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    Re: Ledger Live

    make sure you've appropriate permission to execute the ledger with correct command in terminal.

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    Re: Ledger Live

    hello all
    hope you all are doing well
    i need help to renew trail period of IDM

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    Re: Ledger Live

    Thread off-topic for this sub-forum and OP has not returned since starting thread. Closed to prevent further thread hijacks.

    @geniuscracks, if you really need help with an Ubuntu system, please start your own thread in an appropriate sub-forum rather than hijacking a random irrelevant thread. You will need to provide a lot more information otherwise forum members will not be able to help you.
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