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Thread: ways/apps to download audio &/or video?

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    ways/apps to download audio &/or video?

    Hello, I'm very new to Ubuntu & Linux, though I've been interested in both for a fairly long time. I just installed lubuntu & am wondering if there is a way to download audio, especially audio from youtube videos.

    I'm actually hoping to download some Church music for a very small community for Sunday services. They were originally playing youtube videos on a phone & streaming to a usb speaker, but were getting commercials to interrupt things.
    I set up a little stereo system & recorded using Audacity, but I'm hoping that there is a better way to do so. A direct download would be faster & better quality I'm guessing.

    There are some apps out there to download, but I don't trust them & am not aware of any open source options.

    YT-DLP seems like it would be a good option but has a bit of a learning curve & I used it a time or two to download a video, but didn't use it again for a while & now it isn't working for me. I probably need to upgrade to a newer version or uninstall & reinstall. I'm not very familiar with command line stuff, though I can usually follow simple directions. YT-DLP seems like it has a ton of options, however, & the people using it seem to be coders or people pretty familiar with that sort of thing & are comfortable with the syntax & reading & understanding the various options available, unlike myself.

    Are there any linux programs available on Ubuntu that would do the job and be a little more amenable to someone such as myself?

    Any help/recommendations would be appreciated.
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    Re: ways/apps to download audio &/or video?


    Because there may be copyright issues with Youtube content, we do not allow discussions of methods or software for doing so.

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