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Thread: Driver rtl8188eus TP LINK

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    Driver rtl8188eus TP LINK

    I shifted to Ubuntu recently
    Now I want to configure my TP link adaptor v2/v3 rtl8188eus.Please help me configure it.
    I used Kali previously and with just one command
    'apt install -y realtek-rtl8188eus-dkms' configured it easily
    But I don't know how to configure and install it's drivers in Ubuntu 22.04
    Please guide me
    I think I may need to add Kali repos in order for the above command to work,just a guess!!
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Driver rtl8188eus TP LINK

    This is a good guide that goes over that, that includes the driver for the RealTek rtl188eus:

    Mixing repo's from different distro's, and even different releases within the same distro can be a real challenging adventure, even when you do know what you are doing. LOL One changed name or version of in a package can put you into dependency h3ll.
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