I'm running a Minecraft server for a few friends, nothing much. It's running PaperMC, which is supposed to be a very lightweight option for an MC server. It has a few plugins but nothing too shabby. I've always ran it through Windows 11 through a Docker container, but recently decided to switch to Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 LTS. Since then setting up the Minecraft server, whether that's through Docker or running on Java on the host OS, it has extreme performance issues that i've never seen before on Windows. I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux, so I think I might be overlooking something. After a minute or ten the server straight up stops responding. Looking at the CPU and RAM performance of the PC, it's around 10/30%, with about 1/2 times a minute spiking up to 80/90% while running the process. What could be the cause of this? Is there something I'm missing in the system or something? I’ve attached a Minecraft Freeze Log, please check the pastebin.


Thanks so much in advance!