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Thread: Boot repair: can't boot from windows after installing ubuntu

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    Boot repair: can't boot from windows after installing ubuntu


    I'm having trouble booting into Windows after reinstalling Ubuntu on my machine.
    A couple things:
    • I was able to boot into Windows after creating the partition that now holds Ubuntu, so I don't think there's an issue with that.
    • I am not able to load Windows directly from the bios boot menu
    • I have tried the "Recommended repair" option in boot repair but with no success

    Here is my report from boot repair:

    Thank you for your help!


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    Re: Boot repair: can't boot from windows after installing ubuntu

    Boot-Repair is for Linux system repair, it does not fix Windows boot issues.
    Your ESP nvme0n1p1 shows no /EFI/Microsoft folder which should have Windows boot files?

    During install did you reformat the ESP, erasing the Windows boot files?
    You do show a Windows UEFI boot entry in UEFI boot menu for same GUID/partUUID, so that would indicate it was not reformatted.
    But then where are Windows files, or is report not showing them?

    You also have two Elementary entries, lines 86 & 87, but neither have folders in ESP so those were also erased.
    And one 0003 line 86 refers to a GUID for an ESP that does not exist, or an old install with a different or reformatted ESP.

    You will need to boot your Windows repair/recovery flash drive to see if that will repair your Windows boot.

    You can delete the Elementary UEFI boot entries with efibootmgr & its -b XXXX -B option.
    man efibootmgr
    UEFI boot install & repair info - Regularly Updated :
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