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Thread: i3 WM intel driver issues

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    i3 WM intel driver issues

    Hello! I've been having trouble with i3 and my intel drivers. When I first installed i3 there would sometimes be a garbled mess for a few seconds when I switched work-spaces before it went to normal. I tried modifying my 20-intel.conf file but now some apps like discord and Alacritty have weird see-through bars in them. I would include a picture but whenever I try it tells me that I have an unverified token. I would really appreciate some help (I am using picom as a compositor).

    My 20-intel.conf:
    Section "Device"
         Identifier "Intel Graphics" 
         Driver "intel" 
        Option "TearFree" "true" 
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    Re: i3 WM intel driver issues

    I have now installed kde and the same thing is happening in there, so Im gonna delete the .conf file

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