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Thread: Bluetooth om Macbook

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    Bluetooth om Macbook


    I have a Macbook A1502, with a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 installation on. I have the problem, that my Bluetooth seem to find some devices (unknown from the erea), but not the ones I have. The devises works perfectly fine on my other ubuntu pc - so obviously there is something wrong with firmware, drivers or something...
    Does any one have an idea to figure out whats wrong, and fix it?


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    Re: Bluetooth om Macbook

    I expect that you would need to do an online search for bluetooth problems with Linux (may be Ubuntu specifically) on your specific version of the Mac. You could post information on your hardware on the Mac, the specific version since there are some members here who are familiar with them.

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    Re: Bluetooth om Macbook

    Bluetooth can be a bit of a doddle when you want to use a device with multiple computers. If the widget is already connected to something like your cell phone or another computer, then it will be hard to connect to yet another computer. You have to find and disconnect that unknown connection first…

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    Re: Bluetooth om Macbook

    Thread moved to the "Apple Hardware Users" forum.


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