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Thread: problems with snap version of LibreOffice

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    problems with snap version of LibreOffice

    After upgrade to 23.10 (unity) LibreOffice Calc would not open properly in the normal mode and would only give the screen display shown in the attached image. Calc would run in the safe mode, however. That is not a satisfactory option for my business.

    So, I just installed the snap version of LibreOffice (7.6). That fixed the Calc problem, but it created other problems, the biggest of which is that snap won't recognize the partitions on my SSD where I keep my data. I was able to force using the paths under Tools/Options. Next problem is that files appear to be slower than usual to open. Another problem is that the LanguageTool extension looks up LibreOffice. Another problem is when you click on an LO (7.6) icon on the Launcher, it opens a blank file even though I just wanted to switch to that program.

    The original problem with Calc only on my DELL 7720 laptop. It doesn't happen on my Lenovo M80 desktop, nor on my hp 840 g1 laptop.

    Thank you for reading.

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