Hello everyone, I am new to all the Ubuntu Linux forums.
I am currently trying to install Steam on Ubuntu (ARM64), on Mac mini (2020 - M1) running macOS Sonoma.
This is all, in a virtual machine, in Parallels Desktop 19 (Standard version).
I have also, consulted the help info. available via AI=Pro (ChatGPT 3.5), with no success.
AI=Pro has been a big help, getting me almost to the point of having success, in installing Steam,
as I have mentioned above.
Unfortunately, I keep getting an error saying that the 32 bit library for Steam, is not installed,
and needs to be.
AI=Pro (CHatGPT) has beena big help, as I was saying, however I an still not close enough, to
getting Steam installed and running. With AI=Pro I have got very close to this happening, however.
Can anyone help me ?
Kind regards,
Howard Pew.