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If you are not sure, then it is probably not wise to proceed with this type of recovery.
Anyway, how would you use it if you cannot boot your version of Windows?

Have you considered a complete backup of Windows data and a fresh install of Windows 11?
Strongly leaning on a fresh install haha.
I was hoping that Windows Recovery Environment might be an alternative boot I could use to get into a "recovery mode" to fix things.
I'm reading lightly about it, and it seems like that should be the intent: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/wi...iew=windows-11

However, I never saw a "Recovery" option in my boot priorities. So I suspect that my UEFI boot configuration for the windows side of things is just supremely messed up.
I also poked around my windows partition to investigate further but haven't modified or moved any files yet.