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Thread: Problem sharing files

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    Re: Problem sharing files

    Quote Originally Posted by MAFoElffen View Post
    You can quibble back-and-forth about the unknown details you haven't shared between us all in unending posts, but from what you have shared...
    What is your hidden intention dragging along on this thread? It has been marked [Solved] already.

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    Re: Problem sharing files

    No hidden intention at all. No emotion between the lines.

    You marked it as "Solved" yet kept adding posts after that.

    I added mine <--> to add to what you posted after that. Some of what you said, I felt things needed to be said to answer that. There must have been more that you might have wanted to be aware of, or you would not have posted those 'later posts'.

    That is all.

    Like I said. I applaud your tenacity, and drive in what you do. No disrespect meant there at all. Please take that as a compliment. That is the intent.

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    Re: Problem sharing files

    Thanks for solution.

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