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Thread: How to add system certificates to all snaps

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    How to add system certificates to all snaps

    I have a VPN certificate in /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/ that is added to the system store in /etc/ssl/certs via update-ca-certificates. But apps installed via snap don't see this certificate and generate an SSL error when accessing https links over VPN. How do I get all snap apps to trust /etc/ssl/certs?

    I've found some related instructions but they seem to be specific to a given app such as the Snap Store ( I'm trying to get this certificate trusted by all apps.

    Edited on further research: I think the problem here is actually python certifi, which uses its own cacert.pem. But I don't see how to replace that file in a snap or otherwise get python scripts in the snap to use the system certificate store.
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