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Thread: Snaps can't play AAC files

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    Question Snaps can't play AAC files

    I've been looking for a Snap to play music files, so far I've liked Music Pod, but it can't play any of the .aac files I have, which are the majority of my library. I've tried many music players and they all have the same issue. Regular .deb packages can play them without issues, and so can VLC, so I'm thinking maybe the Snaps are missing some codecs.

    The files were encoded by iTunes many years ago if that's any help.

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    Re: Snaps can't play AAC files

    Apple has proprietary formats. Sometimes AAC is proprietary and sometimes it isn't. Best to use music formats that don't have patents around them, like FLAC or Vorbis.
    FLAC is lossless.
    Vorbis is comparable to AAC, but F/LOSS and without patents. I find that 192 Kbps Vorbis in an ogg container is indistinguishable to FLAC. Ogg+Vorbis is well supported on Linux.

    Live and learn.

    iTunes is a great tool for Apple. Not so great for everyone else.

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