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Thread: New machine install freezing (22.04 Server)

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    Post New machine install freezing (22.04 Server)

    Hi All,

    I just built a new server to run a large Plex library and a few other things, the hardware is below:

    ASUS Prime H770-PLUS D4
    Intel Core i7-12700K
    2x 32GB Crucial Pro
    Crucial 1TB NVMe
    Toshiba 10TB HDD

    When booting from the 22.04 Server flash drive, I get the initial options to install Ubuntu, etc. Once I click on install, it goes through it's initialization, but gets stuck about 1.5 seconds in - different places every time. I have tried:
    - Using a different flash drive
    - Using a new iso
    - Using a different USB port (Case, MB)
    - Enable/Disable secure boot
    - Enable/Disable CSM
    - Write in iso mode (Rufus)
    - Write in DD mode (Rufus)
    - Ubuntu 21.04 Server
    - Using DP instead of HDMI (in case of graphics issue)

    And it is all freezing. Could it be a compatibility issue? I have 20.04 running on 90% of my rack and everything works great. I can not use 20 on this config as the NIC (2.5G Realtek) does not have a driver - it fails to detect a NIC.

    Is there anything else I can try?

    Thank you!

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    Re: New machine install freezing (22.04 Server)

    Have you updated UEFI firmware & NVMe firmware. Even new systems may have updates.
    Are drives correctly seen in UEFI settings?
    Are drives both gpt partitioned?
    Often installer fails when it cannot correctly see drive/partitions.
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    Re: New machine install freezing (22.04 Server)

    You know what, I was just messing around after updating the UEFI and was able to install it using the HWE option on the menu. Thanks for the recommendations!

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    Re: New machine install freezing (22.04 Server)

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