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Thread: 20.04 LTS google maps non-functional in Firefox

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    20.04 LTS google maps non-functional in Firefox

    Desktop computer 64 bit. Machine partitioned between Ubuntu and windows. When opened in Firefox on 11/24, google maps is frozen, totally non-responsive. Sometime in the last week, the "look" of google maps changed for both the Firefox and Chromium browsers. It was functioning on 11/22 in Firefox, but it opened in traffic mode without any prompts having been made. There was no apparent mechanism to move away from traffic mode, but clicking on a small icon near the bottom of the map did stop the traffic mode from functioning. google maps still functions for me when using Chromium. Since there have been no updates to either browser in the last week, I assume that the new look comes from google/alphabet. It's an educated guess that this update's interaction with Ubunu's version of Firefox has caused this issue. Is anyone else having this problem? Does this problem warrant a Bug Report?
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    Re: 20.04 LTS google maps non-functional in Firefox

    It works for me in FireFox. Maybe you should file a report to see if there is some majic combination of hardware or other installed applications that is causing this for "you and your specific machine".

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    Re: 20.04 LTS google maps non-functional in Firefox

    It is possible that the new Google javascript or map tiles use more memory.

    I noticed that Google Maps seems a bit slower to load on my Firefox (snap), and that desktop runs out of memory with fewer tabs open now...
    ...but have not bothered to attempt to quantify or troubleshoot. So that observation might be mistaken.

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