Hello to everyone

If it is possible i need an help to fix an issue installing a software. The software installation didn't finish properly and is not even able to write the installation log file but mainly it breaks Gnome. I was auble to anything and after a reboot and the new login had a blue wallpaper without any icons like the one in this post: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1358...top-background .

I tried to remove ubuntu-desktop and all the gnome packages by

  • apt purge ubuntu-desktop gnome-*

reboot and reinstall them but nothing i still have the blue screen with no icons. what other can i try to fix gnome?

About the application who generate the issue it was installed on an ubuntu 20.04 where was applied some hardening(i.e umask more restricted ) but as far as i uderstood the installer wrote to /opt/.... and install some icons and mime types.

I was trying to understand what could have happened and what part on the hardening generate this issue during the software installation but still not claire, but for the moment i have no clue

Any help is appreciated